BRE SmartWaste API Integration Library

BRE is a UK authority on sustainable construction and have provided an API to their SmartWaste product.

They have an impressively large site next to the M1 near Watford and offer pre and post-planning assessment of design and construction.

Of particular note should be the BREEAM standard, which quantifies a site’s efficiency and is split into a number of sections; Waste, Transportation, Water & Energy usage. For example the waste criteria rewards the reduction in the removal of waste from site and the diversion from landfill, which can be improved by on-site segregation and pre-demolition assessment of the site prior to construction.

The use of these standards allow construction companies to provide quantified evidence in future tenders as to their social and environmental sustainability.

SmartWaste allows the aggregation of granular environmental data, notably individual waste container movements off site. This can be achieved by entering it directly onto the SmartWaste Tool, via spreadsheet upload or via the SmartWaste API

One of the features of SmartWaste is the ability to provide multiple user accounts with access to a specific project, thereby allowing construction companies to offset their administrative burden required to gather the data onto their suppliers. Given that each entry can take a minute to enter this is something that should be considered, however before enacting this, companies should be aware that doing this potentially reduces the overall data accuracy as the time to check each entry is difficult and time consuming.

To solve both the time and accuracy problem, BRE have developed an automated method of data transfer (an API) to transmits the waste movement details, such as tonnage and breakdown, between supplier systems and SmartWaste, removing human error during uploading.

This PHP library can be used to send and receive waste movements, but will require an integration process with your own data, notably marking that a movement has been sent. Please use the contact details if you require assistance with this.